OpenELEC 3.0 Linux distro launches in beta, rolls in XBMC 12

OpenELEC 30 Linux distro launches in beta, rolls in XBMC 12

We hope you weren't getting settled in with OpenELEC 2.0. Hot on the heels of the finished 2.0 release, the developement team has pushed out a first beta of OpenELEC 3.0 that folds XBMC 12.0 Frodo into the Linux distribution for home theater PCs. Accordingly, most of the additions are those that come with XBMC's code base: OpenELEC now supports ARM through the Raspberry Pi, betters its DVR support and slips in a modern audio engine. The distro-specific changes bring an update to the Linux 3.6 kernel, many more hardware drivers and an option to boot to RAM instead of a pokey hard drive. Running one beta based on another carries more than its share of risk, so be careful; if the positives for your living room continue to outweigh the pitfalls, 3.0 awaits at the source link.

Update: And just like that, Beta 2 has arrived, packing its own load of fixes, tweaks and improvements, check it out here.