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Watch Ken Levine talk about BioShock Infinite at BAFTA


Irrational Games posted the recent BAFTA evening with BioShock creator Ken Levine this weekend for your viewership. The 105-minute video sees the Irrational co-founder cover everything from the nearly-here Infinite to his self-described lucky break into the industry.

The first half is Levine's talk, in which he opens by discussing how Irrational Games came to be before focusing on how the studio's vision brought it to Infinite and the character of Elizabeth, who Levine says is the third BioShock game's Big Daddy. The second half, from the 41 minute mark onwards, is a Q&A session touching on several subjects, including how Levine "killed" the BioShock movie and why he "compromised" on Infinite's box art.

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