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Hulu Plus on Apple TV redesigned with simplicity and easy discovery features in mind


It's not often that we see those services present on the Apple TV get tweaked, but today Hulu announced its Plus offering has been on the receiving end of a major design overhaul. Clearly taking a cue from Cupertino's own iTunes app on the tiny media box, the Hulu Plus redesign makes perfect use of a top navigation bar, which, as pictured above, lists familiar entries like TV, Movies, Kids, Latino, Queue and Search -- a nice visual (and useful) change when compared to what we've been become accustomed to since the app first arrived on the "hobby" platform. According to Hulu, the redesign was driven by the idea to bring quick access to what subscribers are trying to watch, as well as the thought of delivering an easier discovery experience which aims to help with finding new shows and making it easier to watch recent episodes of those that are already preferred. Apple TV owners running the latest firmware can play with the fresh UI now -- of course, that's for those who are already shelling out the required $8 monthly fee for Hulu's premium ware.

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