Hulu Plus app live on Apple TV

We haven't seen any official information yet, but tipsters report and we've confirmed on our own that Hulu Plus is quietly rolling out to Apple TV set-top boxes this morning. It was on our hockey pucks when we turned them on, while reports on Twitter indicate losing the connection before the icon appeared once the box came back online. We're checking it out now, and like Netflix, it allows users to pay for the service via iTunes if they choose. The menus and UI are all appropriately Apple TV styled, if you're not seeing it yet on your box then it should probably be there after a reboot. Otherwise it's the same old Hulu Plus, just (finally) on Apple TV without any hacks or redirects needed, any new users can snag a 1 week free trial by signing up on the website or through the device itself.

Update: We have official confirmation now, check the Hulu Blog for more information, or after the break for two quick demo videos.


[Thanks, Rune]

Ben Drawbaugh contributed to this report.