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PDFpen 6 released with special limited time pricing

Smile Software has released PDFpen and PDFpen Pro version 6.0 for the Mac. The popular app lets you edit PDF documents by adding signatures, correcting text, ticking boxes and a lot more. It's a powerful piece of software. The new version adds the following goodies, among others:

  1. Microsoft Word export
  2. New editing bar and enhanced design for better ease-of-use
  3. Support for Auto Save and Versions
  4. Optimized for Retina displays
  5. Drag and drop to reorder Library items

To celebrate the release of PDFpen 6 and PDFpen Pro 6, Smile Software has released the apps at a special discounted price for the first 48 hours of availability. The company also wants to address those who've bought previous versions from the Mac App Store, as the store doesn't allow upgrade pricing. Smile explains the situation on its blog:

It has always been our policy to offer current users an upgrade path when a new version is released. Because PDFpen is available in both the Smile Store and the Mac App Store, upgrades are more complicated.

There is no mechanism for offering upgrades in the Mac App Store. To accommodate customers who wish to purchase Mac App Store versions, special pricing will be offered for the first 48 hours. PDFpen will be $29.99 and PDFpenPro will be $39.99 for this very limited time. The special pricing expires on March 20 at midnight PDT.

Got it? Just to be clear, here's the arrangement in a nutshell

Upgrade Pricing - Mac App Store (First 48 hours only. All prices are USD.)

  • PDFpen 6 is selling for $29.99
  • PDFpen Pro 6 is $39.99 during the initial sale. This version includes iCloud support.

Here's the deal on upgrade pricing when buying directly from Smile:

  • PDFpen 6 is $30.
  • PDFpen Pro 6 is $30.
  • PDFpen to PDFpen Pro 6 is $40. Note that this version -- purchased directly from Smile -- does not include iCloud support. Why? Because Apple restricts iCloud access to apps purchased on the Mac App Store / iOS store.

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