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Judge Paul S. Grewal has strong words for Apple's legal team


When you're in the midst of a series of court battles around the world, it seems like the last thing that you want to be doing is angering judges. Unfortunately for Apple, that's just what they seem to have done, as US Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewal (at right) invited plaintiff's lawyers in a privacy lawsuit to pursue sanctions against the company due to "unacceptable" conduct.

The story appeared last night via Bloomberg. Grewal was irritated that the court has had to essentially police Apple's attempt at producing documentation for the case, including emails and documents from employees. Grewal berated Apple lawyer Ashlie Beringer, saying it "doesn't sound like you did a lick of work" in determining which documents shouldn't be turned over to the plaintiff's team.

For her part, Beringer took full responsibility for the failure, saying that she "was not asking the right questions" to select the documentary evidence and that, "Absolutely that was a failure of management on my part, one that won't happen again."

Apple apparently did complete the document production late on Monday night after making "Herculean efforts over the last two weeks," according to Beringer. The case in question is one that Apple had a good chance of having thrown out as a class-action suit, regarding allegations that the company was capturing geographical location information without user consent.

[via The Verge]

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