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Image credit: celebrates the 20th anniversary of NHL '94

Xav de Matos, @Xav

I'm Canadian, so bear with me for a moment.

EA's NHL '94 was an important landmark for the sport of hockey as the first game in the still-ongoing franchise to include authentic team names, logos and rosters. Twenty years later, it's still remembered as one of the best games of the generation by sports aficionados. Celebrating the game that helped form new fans and enhanced the experiences of existing ones, has written a piece that deals with its legacy and how it has helped evolve the status of the sport and its players.

In it, former Chicago Blackhawks superstar Jeremy Roenick reveals that people, to this day, still mention his virtual representation's dominance on the ice. "Whatever the case may be, I would say one out of three people I meet mention '94 Sega," Roenick says.

The article continues with a look at how its highest-ranked players achieved cult status outside of the real-world sport. It's an interesting read for fans of the series, gamers that survived the 16-bit era, and sports fans looking to see how meaningful their favorite pastime can be in the digital era.

If you're American, substitute all mentions of hockey with football for maximum effectiveness. Or tennis, if that's your thing.

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