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Withings' new Smart Body Analyzer adds heart rate, air quality measurements


Withings is the company behind the first internet-connected scale, which TUAW first reviewed back in 2010. After three years of additional research and work, the company has released the Withings Smart Body Analyzer (US$149.95) to provide even more health-tracking capabilities for iOS users seeking a healthier lifestyle.

The original Wi-Fi Connected Scale provided two data points -- weight and body mass index -- for up to two people. The Smart Body Analyzer actually tests your heart rate as you step onto it, and the tracked data can demonstrate if you're getting more fit if that resting heart rate drops over time. The entire family can get into the healthy act now, as the Smart Body Analyzer recognizes up to 8 different users now.

Like another device tested by TUAW last year, the Smart Body Analyzer also monitors indoor temperature and carbon dioxide levels. The Withings Health Mate app now adds a CO2-level graph showing air quality thresholds and providing information on when it might be a good time to open a window to get some fresh air.

The Wi-Fi Connected Scale required connection of a cable to set up WiFi before first use. The Smart Body Analyzer is truly post-PC, just requiring an initial Bluetooth pairing with an iOS device running the Withings app. The scale actually decides whether to use WiFi or Bluetooth to transmit health data to your account on the Withings servers.

TUAW will feature a full review of the Smart Body Analyzer within the next week.

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