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Chronoportals return to EverQuest II today

MJ Guthrie

In 2011, a new event was added to EverQuest II's calendar, one that paid homage to the fantasy game's older sibling, EverQuest. Now each year around the anniversary of EQ, Chronoportals return to the land of Norrath, allowing EQII players the chance to travel through time to experience the nostalgia of the game that started it all.

Scattered throughout Norrath, Chronoportals are available for every 10 levels. They send players to a specific EQ land where they can then participate in as many time rifts as their level allows. However, due to minimum level requirements, only the highest levels will be able to travel through every one. There are also three new paintings available from the event merchants.

The event ends at precisely 2:59 a.m. Friday, March 29th, so if you want to check out a bit of EQ history and hear some amusing quips that celebrate it (like how to best spawn The Ancient Cyclops in Southern Desert of Ro), time is limited.

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