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'Walter' developer Blossom Minds seeks immediate next-gen publishing help


"As of today, with most known opportunities investigated, we're preparing to put the studio on hold if we can't find a solution in the next few days. Walter can't be released without a financial support for the remaining development." That's the bottom line about the bottom line from Blossom Minds, the studio founded by former Eden Games talent.

Last year, the studio unveiled Walter, an adorable platformer about some water with googly eyes. It had plans to release the game in 2013 on PSN, XBLA, and Steam, but those plans have evaporated.

"Right after our debut trailer was released last year, we got a solid opportunity with a publisher," the studio revealed in a statement today. "As a part of this deal, besides Steam, we've been upgrading Walter for next-generation consoles (ps4 & durango), rewriting our in-house engine and boosting graphic assets. We've been working and negociating [sic] for months."

However, that unnamed publisher backed out, leaving Blossom Minds in its current predicament.

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