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La-Mulana explores Steam on April 15


After making it through the Steam Greenlight gauntlet back in January, the remake of La-Mulana is finally ready to launch through Steam on April 15. The punishing cave-em-up – not to be confused with that other one – will set wannabe adventurers back $15, but if you pre-order through Steam they can knock 10 percent off that price.

The Steam version of La-Mulana is based on the WiiWare remake, which took an inordinate amount of time to make its way onto Nintendo's digital distribution service, even being totally scrapped at one point. The Steam version also includes the WiiWare version DLC "Hell Temple" and supports USB game pads, including Xbox 360 controllers.

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"LA-MULANA" releases on STEAM on April 15th! Preorder now!

"LA-MULANA," one of the many high-quality, original PC games sold by PLAYISM ( and published by Active Gaming Media Co., Ltd. (Company director: Ibai Ameztoy, main office: Nishi-ku, Osaka will be released on STEAM on April 15th. Preorder now to get 10% off!

Available on STEAM on April 15th! Preorder now!

This game was developed in 2006 from the desire to create a game that's "like the games you used to play, but much bigger!" This game was made by the game development team NIGORO. It enjoys tremendous support all over the world and it has a Metascore of 82 for the PC version, and a Metascore of 87 for the Wii version. It was greenlit in January, and will finally be released on STEAM on April 15th. On March 22st, a 10%-off preorder campaign was started. Find the Treasure of Life and solve the mystery of mankind's origins!

This is an "Archeological Action Game," in which you go on an exploration to find the "Treasure of Life" that lies within the mysterious gigantic ruins of "LA-MULANA," said to be the start of all civilization. Solve many riddles, defeat monsters and dismantle traps on your quest to reach the depths of the ruins. This game is perfect for players who wish to completely devote themselves to a single game, something that is just not possible with casual games. Take control of "Professor Lemeza" and solve the mystery of mankind's origins!

Features for the STEAM version of La-Mulana

- As many as 64 Achievements!

- Supports Big Picture Mode so that you can play on your TV as well as on your PC.

- Supports Steam Cloud so that you can store your save data on the Cloud!

- On top of the previously available Japanese and English language settings, Russian and Spanish have been added too!

Also, Takumi Naramura from developer NIGORO will hold a talk titled "Commun-indies: Making the Most of Your Indie Community" on March 28th at the GDC held in San Francisco, so don't miss it!

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