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'Big Blue' from Ecco the Dolphin team makes a splash on Kickstarter


Some of the original Ecco the Dolphin team are reuniting in the hopes they can create a new adventure game through Kickstarter funding. Big Blue is an oceanic adventure game set one million years in the future, in which players can control every creature in the game world – even many creatures at once. There will also be a breeding mechanic, necessary to complete certain quests.

The Kickstarter campaign for Big Blue also promises a dynamic music engine that will run continuously in the background as you play. "Parameters and player's interactions will drive music and keep it fluid and in emotional context with the visuals and events that occur in the game," creator Ed Annunziata says in the Kickstarter post. Spencer Nilsen and Bear McCreary will team up to handle the score.

April 22, 2014 is the planned launch date for Big Blue on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. "If we exceed our goal by 50% the game will get multiplayer, cooperative game play. Players will be able to share environments, creatures, and complete quests as teams," Annunziata says. "If we reach 2X our goal we will be able make the Big Blue an MMO." Annunziata added that once "the first version" of the game is complete, he will approach Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo for possible console ports.

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