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Buy a box for Age of Wushu and gain exclusive adventures

Eliot Lefebvre

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Who doesn't like buying a boxed edition of a free-to-play game? The folks at Snail Games certainly hope you want to do precisely that, since the studio has just announced a special boxed retail copy of Age of Wushu. Available at some point after the game's release on April 10th, the boxed copy will retail at $19.99, but supposedly contains more some $80 worth of bonuses for purchasers.

Aside from two months of free VIP status, a 30-day mount, and 500 pieces of silver, the boxed edition contains an exclusive quest. Players who purchase this version will gain access to a solo adventure with Jet Li, fighting to save a village from destruction. If you already purchased one of the big content packages for the game, don't worry -- everyone who purchased the Elite Edition prior to the first beta event will receive all of the boxed edition goodies for free. Otherwise, you might need to grab yourself a box when it comes out.

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