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Gemini Rue gets adventurous on iOS April 11


Gemini Rue, a gritty point-and-click adventure game that launched on PC in 2011, will come to iOS on April 11 for $4.99. For the first few weeks of release on the new platform, Gemini Rue will be available for the discounted price of $3.99.

Wadjet Eye Games co-designer and CTO Janet Gilbert spent eight months adapting the open-source Adventure Game Studio engine to iOS in order to make the game as "touch-screen friendly as possible," studio founder Dave Gilbert told Joystiq at PAX East. Being a point-and-click adventure game, Janet expanded the hot-spots for select items in the game to make the experience less frustrating for iPhone users.

Gemini Rue is the publisher's first game on iOS, and will serve as a test as to whether it will port more of the studio's titles to the platform. "If people buy this, then we could justify porting everything else," Dave said. "If it does badly then there's really no point, because this is our best-selling game on the best-selling platform, so that's the best way to gauge to see if it's worth doing."

He added, "So if you want to see Resonance on iOS, buy Gemini Rue."

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