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New Alice game probably won't be AAA, features Alice in 'Otherland'


Spicy Horse – namely Alice series founders American McGee and RJ Berg – is pitching a new Alice game to EA this week, following a Facebook poll to gauge player interest in "Alice 3" as a concept and a Kickstarter project. Spicy Horse is ready to roll on a new game: something online, cooperative and with user-generated content, all spanning different platform access points.

EA controls the Alice franchise and Spicy Horse wants to leverage its own burgeoning game distribution platform, which focuses on Android tablet-browser cross-play. This means the new game probably won't be a AAA project, Berg tells Joystiq at GDC.

"Probably a AAA title, as the previous two have been, is not the first priority of EA right now," Berg says. "We have to construct a very strong idea of how that presentation might run, but it's up to them to pick up on the opportunity."

McGee and Berg have a clear narrative outline for the new Alice game, throwing Alice onto the streets of London and into the minds of everyone she passes. "Right now the idea is Alice in 'Otherland,'" McGee says. "It's her invading the minds of other people and visiting their Wonderlands, and using what she's learned about her own mental landscape to go in and harm or heal the people she encounters. It means that the streets of London become the portals into 1,000, 10,000 amazing, different stories."

McGee says Spicy Horse has the story, ideas, technology and wherewithal to make a new Alice game, and it's up to EA to take this opportunity. "The burden is really on them. It always is. Hopefully we can be charming enough."

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