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SOE talks Forgelight engine, PlanetSide 2 Player App

Jef Reahard

This is a noteworthy week for PlanetSide 2, as SOE is releasing Game Update 05 and with it a bundle of fixes and features that include Empire-specific rocket launchers and account-wide Station Cash unlocks. SOE is also turning on double XP and double Station Cash for Easter weekend.

Furthermore, firm has produced another episode of Behind the Battlelines, and this one boasts technical director Ryan Elam and senior art director Tramell Isaac extolling the virtues of SOE's in-house Forgelight game engine. SOE is also gearing up for the reveal of its PS2 Player App for Android and iOS devices. The app allows for continuous connectivity and strategizing and will be showcased at this week's GDC event in San Francisco.

Finally, SOE has published a few PS2 statistics for the month of February. You can view them, as well as the Forgelight video, after the cut.

[Source: SOE press release]


The battles have been grueling since the war began last November and there doesn't appear to be any sign of peace in the near future. In February alone there were 102,366,951 casualties on Auraxian soil. Other February statistics include:
  • 42.31 deaths per second
  • 7.2 billion shots fired; 2.3 billion shots hit
  • 2,960 shots per second
  • 140 countries participating
  • 43 thousand outfits; 4,810 active Outfits per server
  • 152 thousand squads
  • 1.2 million base flips
  • New Conglomerate: 399 thousand
  • Vanu Sovereignty: 375 thousand
  • Terran Republic: 389 thousand
  • 5 thousand hours spent healing
  • 4.76 years spent repairing

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