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Breakfast Topic: What would it take for you to PvP?


We've been surfing the wave of exciting PvP changes lately at WoW Insider, with Brian Holinka's bold changes to World of Warcraft PvP. Part of the motivation behind these changes is to get players into PvP, to encourage people to try, to make it easier to get started.

This has also been a recent theme in WoW Insider's PvP coverage, and we're looking to put out more of that sort of content. So, as part of that, we're interested: what would it take for you to PvP? Are you one of those people who will never PvP, come hell or high water, and there's nothing that will change your mind? Or is there something that could be done to bring you over to the dark side?

If you're more inclined to try, then perhaps you could fill us in on what might help you. What would push you further in the direction of PvP, what would help you to get started, what would take the fear out of PvP? Not just things WoW Insider could do, although ideas for that are welcome, but things that could change in the game, too. Let us know all your thoughts, your fears, your reasons why you don't PvP, and what it could take to change your mind!

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