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OtterBox leading the fight against counterfeit cases

When you think of counterfeit Apple products you usually think of fake iPhones or fake iPads, but now popular case makers are now having a hard time dealing with counterfeiters. OtterBox, based in Colorado, is the number one case provider for iPhones and iPads and other smart phones in the American marketplace and in a press release today, the company highlighted the struggles it is having with counterfeiters in the United States and in China.

OtterBox has revealed that in 2012 alone the company and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection worked together to confiscate over 118,000 counterfeit OtterBox items. "Its important that consumers understand the difference between authentic and counterfeit product and unfortunately some do not," Rachael Lamkin, associate general counsel for OtterBox said in a statement. "Counterfeit OtterBox cases lead some consumers to believe they just made a bargain purchase, but the low price tag means poor quality and a bad reflection of our brand. That purchase is also counterproductive to developing a strong economy."

Anyone who thought that they've purchased an official OtterBox case but now thinks it might be counterfeit is urged to contact the company through their support page.

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