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Reeder to use Feedbin to power its newsreading feature (Updated)


The developers behind popular Google Reader-based newsreading app Reeder said earlier this year the app would not die when Google's Reader service goes offline this summer. Customers concerned about this transition can breathe a sigh of relief as Reeder announced last night that it will switch to Feedbin as its back-end service.

Feedbin was created by San Francisco web developer Ben Ubois and is based on open source software. It has a robust API that'll sync subscriptions, articles and their read/starred states. There's also a web-based interface that allows you to manage your RSS feeds. Access to the web version costs US$2/month.

The iPhone version of Reeder will get Feedbin support soon, while the iPad and OS X version will be updated in the coming months.

Update: The developer behind Reeder confirmed on Twitter that Feedbin is not the only solution being implemented. It is just his favorite choice right now.

[Via The Loop]

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