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Metanet working on N++, 'the final iteration of N'


Metanet Software is returning to its platforming classic N, one last time. Studio president Mare Sheppard announced a game called N++ during a GDC panel, intended to be "the final iteration of N." The impetus behind this reexamination of side-view minimalist ninja jumping isn't entirely happy, as Sheppard said Metanet has had difficulty working with non-N games since N+.

"We were clinging to the idea that N might be the only proof we had that we weren't completely idiotic or utter failures," she said. Despite worries that it would be a "step back" for Metanet, "at this point in our lives, this feels like the right thing to do... We can work on N again after all that emotional trauma."

The good news out of this, which Sheppard's statements may not get across, is that Metanet really is quite good at making N games.

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