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Mozilla unveils browser-based Unreal Engine 3 using JavaScript


Firefox producer Mozilla teamed up with Epic Games to bring Unreal Engine 3 to the web, without the need for plugins such as Flash. Mozilla and Epic took only four days to port Epic's engine to the web by using JavaScript code. The results, as demonstrated by this video unveiled at GDC, certainly look impressive.

Mozilla engineer director Vladimir Vukicevic told TechCrunch his company's intentions to make the web viable for high-performance games. Mozilla also said it's "opening up the path to web-based games on mobile," revealing it's working with partners that include Disney, EA, and Cut the Rope creator Zeptolab who are using the same JavaScript tech to "bring performance optimizations to their top-rated games."

Mozilla's intentions aside, while Unreal Engine 4 may be all shiny new and around the corner, its predecessor is showing it still has the ability to learn new tricks.

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