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Stealth Bastard coming to PS3 and Vita, and you can rename it


Curve Studios is working on the port of Thomas Was Alone for PS3 and Vita, but it's also working on a PlayStation version of its own indie game. Stealth Bastard, a side-scrolling stealth platformer, is due on both PS3 and Vita this summer, with the clone-versus-robot sneaking intact, but one very important element missing.

"We'd like to present our fans with an opportunity to be a part of Stealth B**tard's journey to PlayStation," lead designer Sam Robinson writes on the PlayStation Blog [censorship his]. "We want to rename Stealth B**tard to something less profane... it's just too rude!" Submit the winning title by April 14, and you get a Vita, a copy of the game, and a credit. Plus the lingering guilt of being responsible for the death of a title like "Stealth Bastard."

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