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EVE Online starts Council of Stellar Management elections


Elections are live for EVE Online's Council of Stellar Management 8, and players are invited to wade through the nominations to choose their ideal candidates to represent them to CCP. The full list of candidates along with their campaign promises are now posted for all to see.

The 28 31 32 candidates listed have all managed to gather enough endorsements to be put on the ballot. Instead of voting for just one candidate apiece, players will pick and rank their top 14 choices. These votes will be tallied and weighed accordingly, and 14 members of CSM 8 will emerge as the player delegates.

A player can vote for CSM given that he or she has an active account that's older than 30 days.

But if your taste for drama leans more on events than politics, then this link's for you: CCP has also just posted the details on streaming for the upcoming EVE Fanfest.

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