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Vendetta Online releases iPad launch date and trailer

MJ Guthrie

At GDC we learned that Vendetta Online for the iPad will be available this spring. Well, guess what? It's spring! Guild Software has announced that iOS system is launching in less than two weeks; come April 17th, iPad users will be able to explore all 30 star systems in the game and participate in twitch-based space combat with all other denizens of the vast universe. On top of that, players on the iOS have access to a single player "free play" mode where they can practice flying and play various minigames even while offline.

Vendetta Online will be available on the iPad App Store for just 99 cents, which includes one month of free play. After that, the monthly subscription is $1.00.

Wondering how the game looks from the mobile device? Check out the trailer after the break. And for more impressions, check out Massively's hands-on experience.

[Source: Guild Software Press release]

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