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Breakfast Topic: I've had enough!


I'm not one to make a big deal out of a minor itch. Whether it's an annoying person, irritating behavior, or a frustrating situation, I can keep on rolling without interruption. But oh, there comes the inevitable straw that breaks the camel's back. For me in Mists, it was the ookin' dook flingers and dear Li Li (bless her heart) who tag-teamed to destroy my last nerve. Individually, I think I could handle them, but since the moment I found my quest logs on both factions simultaneously logjammed by the pair of them, I've cut a wide path around both. No more hozen. No more strident brats. So, so done.

Sometimes a new thing seems enjoyable at first, but after repeated exposure to it, it begins grating on your nerves until you just can't take another second. Beyond grating characters -- no more talk about annoying NPCs -- is there something else in Mists of Pandaria that's become the target of your own ire? Maybe it's a quest type that's worn out its appeal, a running joke that's lost its edge, or a trending group or raid behavior that frustrates you to tears. Is there some aspect of the game that you wish would quietly, completely wink out of existence overnight? Is there something prevalent in today's game that makes you clap your hands over your eyes and screech "Enough!"?

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