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Kadokawa trademarks 'Demon Gaze' in US


Demon Gaze is a Vita dungeon crawler developed by Experience Inc. and published this year in Japan by Kadokawa Games. It would appear Kadokawa has an interest in bringing it stateside, as the publisher has filed a trademark for "Demongaze" in the United States. Demon Gaze sounds, well, kind of insane. Protagonist Oz can use his eye to capture demons, many of which are also robots who can transform. Oz can use money earned in the dungeon to rent more rooms from an innkeeper, in order to invite more NPCs into the inn to help him.

Kadokawa's last two games to be localized, Lollipop Chainsaw and the upcoming Killer is Dead, were published stateside by Warner Bros. and XSEED, respectively. The latter seems more likely to pick up a Vita dungeon RPG.

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