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HBO Go update for iOS brings AirPlay multitasking support along with Game of Thrones enhancements


HBO on Monday updated its HBO Go app with a few small, yet notable enhancements. First and foremost, version 2.1 of the HBO Go app now supports AirPlay multitasking. Subscribers can use other apps even while HBO content is being streamed to an HDTV via AirPlay.

The app includes specific enhancements to the interactive features experience for Game of Thrones. Of course, we have the standard catch-all improvement -- "General performance enhancements."

The HBO Go app is a must-have download if you are an HBO subscriber. It's available for both the iPhone and iPad and can be downloaded for free over here.

Two final points of interest:

1. There have been whispers that HBO Go may be coming to the Apple TV as its own app sometime in 2013.

2. Game of Thrones fans may not be surprised to hear that the Season 3 premiere from last week set a piracy record with over 1 million torrent downloads in less than 24 hours.

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