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Oppo squashes the smartphone further, quad-core 6.13mm device rumored for late April


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Slimline smartphones are kind of Oppo's thing. While the company's latest phone, the Find 5, was a trim 8.8mm, the Finder that came before it measured in at just 6.65mm. Well, it looks like Oppo still reckons it can go thinner, with a new leaked device, the R809T, purportedly reaching 6.13mm, while packing a quad-core processor for the ride. According to Anqu, the smartphone profile you see houses a 720p 4.5-inch display and will be priced a little higher than comparable smartphones in China. The leak also reckons the phone will arrive in just two weeks, meaning an official announcement (and hopefully a decent name) should appear before the end of April.

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