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Breakfast Topic: That's the zone that I used to know


Maybe I just can't get that song out of my head yet... you know the one. But I was kicking back last night thinking about Silithus, and how it's that zone that I used to know. And then the expansions came along and they cut me off, making it out like those hours running around gathering the spice never happened.

But zones are like that. You spend untold hours farming spice, or getting yeti parts, fighting undead forever and a day, or just farming giant earthworms. And then an expansion comes along and now you're just rifling through dailies with every ounce of tolerance you can muster. That old favorite zone (Silithus, Plaguelands, and so on) becomes a distant memory.

What's the zone that you used to know? That one that was part of your daily routine but now, steeped in the brews of Pandaria, you can't believe was ever a part of your life.

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