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Image credit:'s Piki for iOS shapes streaming music around friends' tastes

Save's live music rooms are great for inflicting our questionable choices in music on others, with one major catch: everyone has to be in a virtual room at the same time. The company's new Piki social music app for iOS won't let those friends (or soon to be ex-friends) get away so easily. Rather than rely on the professional recommendations of a radio provider like Pandora, the service automatically generates a stream of music based on the collective selections of those you follow. Piki will also auto-recommend friends based on personal selections, and everyone can message each other or tag tunes with reactions -- we'd be careful about revealing that love of polka dubstep to the world. While copyright licenses prevent Piki from offering friend-specific streams, or listening outside of the US, we won't complain too much when the service is free and will get an Android port. Our friends' ears, however, won't be so fortunate.

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