High Contrast's 'Spectrum Analyser' embraces our glitchy digital history (video)

Forget the rose-tinted view of the early digital era that we sometimes get from chiptunes. High Contrast's new "Spectrum Analyser" music video triggers our nostalgia by embracing the messiness and imperfections of computing in the '80s and '90s -- all while producing the kind of psychedelic journey we'd have expected from the '60s. We almost don't know where to start. The flood of Windows screens? The polar bear fighting game? The endless, purposeful video glitches? There's no one frame that can illustrate just how much 8- and 16-bit history is packed into one space. As long as you're a fan of drum-and-bass, it's best to catch the video after the break if you want a trip down memory lane... just expect a few odd detours.