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WoW Moviewatch: This machinima was scientfically created to put you to sleep


This fine video is brought to you by Fireside Guild. Not only is it beautiful to watch, but it could be one of the best sleeping aids you'll ever encounter. See, Weightless by Marconi Union was created along with the British Academy of Sound Therapy to be one of the most relaxing songs ever heard. They were so successful that listeners are warned not listen to the song while driving.

I can vouch for the effectiveness. In the early heady days of parenthood, when the Shieldling refused to go to sleep, my wife and I resorted to playing this song for her. And it worked. If there wasn't something particularly wrong (like diapers), then Weightless would put her to sleep. It's amazing.

I am thrilled beyond words to see it put to a WoW machinima. Nice job, Fireside!

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