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The After Math: beer, lasers and $5K 4K TVs


Welcome to The After Math, where we attempt to summarize this week's tech news through numbers, decimal places and percentages

In a bid to neatly wrap up this week's events, we gaze at some high-priced 4K gear at NAB 2013, figure out whether we can physically... pocket either of Samsung's Galaxy Mega variants and think about lasers: sometimes beautiful, sometimes deadly and sometimes fighting the future war against drones. We've got the numbers -- and a few dollar signs -- right after the break.

  • Pricing for Blackmagic's 4K Production Camera: $3,995
  • Starting price for Sony's 55-inch 4K TV, coming later this month: $5,000
  • Advertised price of a 12-inch RCA television in 1939: $600
  • That price adjusted for inflation today: $10,022
  • Number of grip patterns on Touch Bionics' new prosthetic hand: 24
  • Number of bones in the human hand: 27
  • Screen size, in inches, of Samsung's biggest Galaxy Mega: 6.3
  • Screen size, in inches, of the Galaxy Pocket Neo: 3
  • Screen size, in inches, of the BlackBerry 6200: 2.6
  • Percentage of drop-off in PC shipments for Q1 2013, according to IDC: 13.9
  • Yearly percentage of growth in PC market in 1994, according to IDC: 27
  • Number of Roku devices sold so far in the US: 5 million
  • Most minutes streamed by one Roku player in a week: 10,080
  • Minutes wasted by Engadget editors watching Heineken's interactive beer bottle concept: [redacted]

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