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Breakfast Topic: Everything's a battle pet


Thanks to a curious side-effect of battle pets in WoW, I now wander around the neighborhood doing little pet battles in my head. That potted plant over there? Elemental, probably. That angry-looking chair with the nom-nom face? Mechanical pet of doom. I've devolved to the point that I'm pretty sure my daughter would make a killer critter-type pet.

I may even have gone so far as to stage a full-out battle and training scenario in my head for my trusty labrador retriever against some local chickens. Purely in my head, though, I promise. It's led me to some bizarre desires for in-game pets, though. I'd like a fighting coffee mug, perfect for chasing away the morning blues. Maybe a fierce table lamp, ready to toe-to-toe with the most dangerous tanks.

What about you? What battle pets are you eager to see borrowed from real life and inserted into the game?

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