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Google speeds up mobile web search, introduces expandable sitelinks and quick view badges


Continuing its efforts to speed up the way we find things when searching the web from our smartphones, Google is rolling out expandable sitelinks. Instead of wasting time sifting through a website trying to locate a specific page, this new feature generates a list of related quick links that allow you to jump directly to what you're looking for. Already available in desktop results, expandable links are hit or miss when used on mobile. Not stopping there, Google also announced the release of its new Quick view badges. This experimental project produces highlighted links from Wikipedia, which offer snippets of information relevant to your query. Pictured above are results for different types of poker hands. It won't stop you from losing your money, but now you'll always remember a flush beats a straight. As of now Quick view is only available in English search results, but Google is working on adding support for additional languages.

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