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Mailbox 1.2 drops the reservation system, opens up to all iOS users


Mailbox for iOS launched with much fanfare in the winter, but it also drew more than a little flak for its reservation-based access system: it's hard to get jazzed for an alternative Gmail app when you're 297,045th in line to use it. The developer now believes that it has the capacity to handle new users as they come in, so it's pulling back the velvet ropes with its app's 1.2 update. Mailbox isn't just shedding notions of pseudo-exclusivity with the new revision, however. It's also improving swipe speed, introducing more time-sensitive message snoozes and slipping in a handful of minor UI tricks. Although some may lament the sudden rush of commoners into a once-elite club, we'd say 1.2 is an auspicious start to Mailbox's life in the Dropbox era.

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