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Zombies, Run! kicks off season 2


Zombies, Run! is one of the most creative running apps that you'll find on the App Store, hands down. It does what many other running apps do, like track your time and distance. But it's also a game. By combining sound effects, narratives, characters and GPS tracking, the app lets you "play" along (by running, always by running) as Runner Five, one of several human survivors of a zombie apocalypse. Your missions often require you to pick up various virtual items, outrun the flesh-eaters and explore a zombie-filled, postapocalyptic setting.

Zombies, Run! is very impressive in its staging. The app does a great job of not only keeping you running, but also telling a compelling story with strong characters (and even some real emotions).

As of today, the app has reached version 2.0, and that means that the developer is kicking off "season two" of the game's missions. This means more stories (with you, the player, as "Runner 5"), more items to find and of course lots more running to do. You can also build your own base to fight off zombies from. The app also supports those who prefer to run on a treadmill, so even if you're work out at the gym, you can still get "chased" by zombies.

To celebrate, the developer has launched a sale. The main app, if you don't already own it yet, is available for US$3.99. Season two's upcoming missions are being sold via a "season pass," which means you'll pay one price now and then get all of the add-ons as they come out. You can get a season two pass right now for just $1.99, half off of the usual $3.99 price. There's also a "sidequest pass" (with access to all of season two's sidequests) for $2.99, or you can pick up the whole shebang for $4.99 right now.

Zombies, Run! is a terrific app, both to get you running and in terms of the way it's designed to tell a great episodic story. If you haven't gone for a jog with this app yet, now's a great time to do so.

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