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Wunderlist announces Wunderlist Pro for Mac, iOS and the web


The folks behind Wunderlist, the excellent to-do app that recently updated to version 2, have announced that Wunderlist Pro is almost ready for prime time. Wunderlist is a free service and is remaining free, but Wunderlist Pro is a new premium service that's designed to help get Wunderlist working with teams of all sizes, from just a few people to much larger groups, on all of Apple's platforms.

The full feature list for Pro hasn't been announced yet, but it will be a to-do app for working across multiple people, with shared lists, an "Assigned to Me" smart list for everyone involved and a number of new backgrounds and cosmetic features. Developer 6Wunderkinder also says that the core features in the first release will be a starting point as well -- the company has grown Wunderlist quite a bit over the years, and Wunderlist Pro will undoubtedly grow into its own in the future as well.

The new service will cost US$4.99 a month, or $49.99 a year. The company's CEO has more on his own blog about what Wunderlist Pro will be. In the meantime, we'll stay tuned for a full release to see just what the company has in store.

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