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Among the Sleep Kickstarter launched


The Kickstarter for Among the Sleep has officially launched. Lest you've forgotten, Among the Sleep is a survival horror game played through the eyes of a two-year-old. The game runs with its unique premise, leaving the player to question whether the horrors are real or just the result of a child's imagination. We played it earlier this year and were very impressed.

Developer Krillbite Studio is seeking $200,000 to fully fund the game on PC, Mac and Linux, with a planned release in Q4 this year. Backer rewards range from a downloadable soundtrack to alpha test access, art books, a spot in the credits and, of course, copies of the game itself. Our favorite – and the second most expensive at $5,000 – is a plush Teddy.

In Among the Sleep, your stuffed bear, Teddy, serves as your loyal companion in the search for your parents. Unlike most teddy bears, Teddy can talk and, as we mentioned in our preview, we instantly fell in love with him.

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