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Yahoo axing six more apps and services as part of streamlining effort

Joe Pollicino

Get ready to say goodbye to another another batch of Yahoo products at the end of this month. As the company continues to streamline and focus its services, March 31st will be the last day of stand-alone existence for Upcoming, Yahoo Deals, Yahoo Kids, Yahoo SMS Alerts, Yahoo Mail and Messages for feature phones. In a move designed to whittle down the company's 75 some-odd products to a group of about 15, this latest announcement comes a few weeks after the company nixed other services like its BlackBerry app. Additionally, if you've been hanging onto the old version of Yahoo Mail, you'll have no choice but to switch to the new version by June 3rd. There's no word on what we can expect next, although EVP of Platforms Jay Rossiter says cuts like these are needed so the firm can focus on more experiences like its new Mail and Weather apps. You'll find the details for each cut at the source link.

Update: The total number of offerings being killed this time around is six, not seven as initially reported.

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