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Yahoo! updates iPhone app with Summly integration


Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer must really be cracking the whip lately, as the company has been on a roll when it comes to updating its apps or coming out with completely new apps like Yahoo! Weather. Today's news is that the company has updated its namesake iOS news app (free) to version 3.0, adding an exhaustive list of new features.

According to a post on the company's blog allegedly written by Meyer, the new Yahoo mobile app uses "Summly's natural-language algorithms and machine learning to deliver quick story summaries." Yahoo acquired Summly less than a month ago, so it's fascinating to see that the app was updated with the new capabilities so quickly.

Users of the app can now choose to focus on their favorite type of news, continually tweaking the topics they wish to see or omit. Article summaries are backed by appropriate images, making for a much more attractive browsing and reading experience. Meyer also reports that the web search experience has been updated to underscore the company's focus on mobile content discovery.

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