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DirecTV prepping voice search app for this summer

Mel Martin

Help is on the way. DirecTV has been demoing a new app, due out in beta this summer, that will let you search using voice for your desired programs or movies. You can use an actor's name, a show title or just about anything that would identify a program. DirecTV has partnered with Nuance, the company behind Siri from Apple, for the voice recognition so the app is likely to work at least as well as Siri at recognizing your input. It's welcome news if you are suffering "death by typing" using the DirecTV remote, or even the current DTV iOS app.

As we all know, Siri isn't perfect, but it is probably the best of breed in voice recognition. At any rate, saying things like "Show me Columbo episodes this weekend" or "Find some Bruce Willis movies" should work fine. The app works while you are away from home to set up items to record, and of course works from your comfy chair in front of the TV as well. When you are home, the search results will show up on your screen.

DirecTV says the app will be in a "very wide beta" this summer with a final version coming later. Now if only Apple could only do something similar for the AppleTV... Even with the Apple Remote app, finding things to watch can be a pain.

[via Engadget]

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