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Reminder: Webby Awards voting ends tomorrow, help the Engadget Show out

Brian Heater

That's right, we're in the home stretch, and we can still use a little bit of love. As we subtly hinted previously, The Engadget Show is a nominated for a Webby, and we need your help to win! Remember all the fun we had last year with Douglas Rushkoff, DJ Spooky, Ben Heck, Wayne Coyne, LeVar Burton, Chris Anderson and John Hodgman? Or how about those hacked Boston bikes, sweet pinball machines, the creepy robotic head, spooky ghost hunting trip and a couple of classic cartoons? We're really proud of what we've been able to bring you and hope you've enjoyed it half as much as we have. Sure, we don't need an award to keep bringing you the Engadget Show each month, but hey, it certainly wouldn't hurt. So please click on through and give us a vote, won't you?

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