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The Queue: Repost


Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Adam Holisky (@adamholisky) will be your host today.

I'm reposting this awesome KISS image from Around Azeroth yesterday. It deserves a repost because of its amazingness.

Jordan asked:

Do y'all think we'll ever get the option to choose multiple races per faction? For example, one could roll a Broken instead of a Draenei, but simply start on the Isle with the same quests and gameplay as if starting a Draenei. This would take zero new coding effort, other than maybe implementing a few new animations for the Broken. Similarly, Forsaken could play one of those undead elf banshee women things.

That's a very interesting proposition, but I don't think that it'd be something Blizzard would do. They really like to have flushed out story lines for the races, and this would be contrary to that. More so the animation systems of a new character model are not trivial, as has been demonstrated in the extra-long time it's taken for the new current models to come out.

Another negative is that with too many races the game gets... well... strange. Look at EverQuest 2. There's a crap ton of different races, and many of them can be of either faction. It just gets confusing and muddies the story line.

I doubt that we'll be seeing race permutations for a while, if ever.

MCeberus asked:

Is the current situation with the horde a power grab by Basic Campfire?

Inside sources tell us that Basic Campfire is responsible for a lot of the trouble the Horde is having right now.

Wrathofkublakhan asked:

I was reading the Restokin blog which led me to another blog which posted two extensive comments by 25 man raiders from Method. They are both resto-druids and deep into it. Their conclusion?

Don't bother bringing a resto-druid to a 25 man raid.

No utility, no passive heals and the "smart heals" go to pets too. It's pretty discouraging. Does anyone hold out hope for the resto-druid class?

Resto druids do not have it easy right now. I know a couple very good ones that have hung up the towel and moved on to another class or game. They have individual good reasons for what they did, and I totally understand why. However, their individual actions should not be taken as gospel for every restro druid.

The comments below yours are spot on -- just because Method or another top raiding guild does something one way doesn't mean you need to. I'd lay odds that the worst restro druid in Method (raiding or not) would probably top the healing meters in 99.999% of other guilds. It comes down to the simple fact that skill is more important than gear and class mechanics. When you have perfect skill, and everyone else does, that's when class mechanic decisions come into play.

Are you there, do you have perfect skill? I'm guessing no. But you're in good company, probably no one reading this is there. I know that I sure don't.

Thus the only logical thing to do is to play the class that you find fun, and ignore the internet. It's usually wrong and opinionated.

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