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Indie Royale 'Lunar' bundle gathers Pid, Back to the Future and others


A new Indie Royale bundle, called the Lunar Bundle, gathers several "out-of-this-world" indie gems, with an initial offering of four games and spots for three more to be added throughout the next six days of the promotion.

Pid is first on the list, the puzzle-platformer about a lost boy stranded on a strange planet from ex-Grin folks at Might and Delight. It's joined by Cargo Commander, an action-platformer from Serious Brew, in which your goal is to loot expensive cargo in the alien-infested reaches of space. The final two are Telltale's Back to the Future, which takes place six months after the events of the third film in the series, and Dungeon Hearts, a hybrid strategy and pattern-matching affair from Technobabel.

All four games are Windows and Mac OSX compatible, and available as Steam codes for those who pay the minimum asking price or above. Agreeing to pay $8 more for the bundle will net you an additional perk: the album Reawakening from C64/Amiga chiptune artist TDK.

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