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Tesla announces new service details, unconditional warranty for Model S battery


Tesla CEO Elon Musk talked a bit about his goals for expanded service options in his interview with us earlier this month, and he's today detailed some of those options that the company is ready to roll out. That includes one perk that's been mentioned previously: the ability to get a Model S loaner to tide you over when you have to turn your car in for service. What's more, that loaner will be a top-of-the-line Model S regardless of the car you turn in (there's a fleet of 85 to start with, each with valet service to your location), and customers in "most markets" can also opt to get a Tesla Roadster as a loaner if they'd prefer to try out something sportier. Musk further explains that customers can even choose to keep that loaner car if they like it better, and simply pay the difference.

Beyond that, Tesla is now making annual checkups entirely optional, meaning that your warranty will still be valid for the full term even if you never take your car in. And rounding things out is what Tesla describes as an "unconditional warranty" on Model S batteries, which will let owners get a factory reconditioned unit as a replacement even in the case of user error. You can find the full details on the new options in Musk's blog post announcing the news linked below.

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