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SWTOR is finally getting a barber shop feature


If you find yourself asking, "Hmm, when will I see more customization options for my character, new vehicles, and possibly a convenient one-stop-shop to adjust my character's look?" while playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, then your answer lies in the latest Insider video. In it, BioWare producer Cory Butler details some of the new features inbound for the space MMORPG.

What does the Cartel Market have on offer this month? There's a new Eradicator's Warsuit, a killer-looking outfit that was inspired by the original Deceived trailer. The trooper's armor set will be introduced later in the month, and then look out for the Vice Commandant's Contraband pack, which includes all new pets, vehicles, and gear. After April, the game will introduce the appearance designer kiosk, an all-in-one barber shop that allows players to change their appearance and even race! And oh yeah, players can also re-color armor sets. It's time for a new summer look, Jedi! (The Sith can't stand the sun.)

Click onward to check out the video for yourself.

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