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Breakfast Topic: The best things are above you


It's really easy, both in life and in WoW, to rush by without taking a moment to smell the roses, to survey the beauty that's all around us. I'm as guilty of this as the next person, always hurrying in-game, always trying to get to the next spot, the next level, the next piece of gear, the next round rating number.

So I was on an alt in the Alliance base on Thunder Isle, when I had to alt-tab out to respond to an IM. I then put my laptop down and afk'd, and on my return I was looking at the library you see in the header image. What you might not be able to see is the scholars in the alcoves, reading away. I'd never noticed it before, because all I usually do there is hearthstone and then run straight out the door.

It took me ages to even notice the amazing swirling sky in parts of Pandaria, with its sha-styled tendrils. But what about you, do you look up? You really should. And what are your favorite bits of sky in the game? Your favorite treasures, indoor or out, that you'll miss if you're not glancing occasionally towards the heavens?

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