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Blink brings text and group chat to the ephemeral messaging world


The success of Snapchat has shown that users like ephemeral messaging, the ability to send a single-use picture message to a friend which deletes itself seconds after being seen. But Snapchat only lets you send pictures. Enter Blink.

Blink is the latest app to tackle the "this message will explode in five seconds" world of ephemeral messaging, bringing with it the addition of short-lived texts and group chats. Like its rival Snapchat, Blink allows you to choose how long a message will last before expiring.

Images last one to 10 seconds, while texts can range from 10 seconds to five minutes. Users also have the option of making their texts permanent, meaning Blink could also serve as a useful replacement for users who have abandoned Facebook as their social media home.

Future updates will bring video, audio notes, options for drawing and stickers. At the moment Blink is only available for iOS, though an Android app is in the works.

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