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Microsoft ad shows the Apple and Android brawl you've been waiting for


Microsoft was late to the mobile phone game and has struggled to snatch market share away from their competitors at Apple and Android. They face a big problem: every smartphone has their own selling points, but they've mostly got the same basic features. So how do you set yourself apart?

Apparently the answer is pointing out how obnoxious your competitors' fans are.

In their new spot Microsoft shows a brawl breaking out at a wedding reception as the wedding party, segregated into sides by their choice of iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, fights over who gets to obnoxiously take cell phone video of the service. The captain of Team iPhone snidely asks a Galaxy user if he'd "mind moving his enormous phone," sparking a sea of shouts and put downs. Finally someone acts reasonable, and throws the first punch.

As the carnage unfolds the only two people who keep their cool are a couple of waiters, calmly documenting the chaos from their brightly colored Nokia Lumia phones.

It's a funny ad, but ultimately the two waiters are just as smug and annoying as their competition is made out to be. The only difference is they're being quietly smug. With the Lumia being the sole bright spot in Nokia's Q1 sales for the year, their fans should sing its praises a little louder.

Maybe in this ad, we're all the villains, simply for having our phones out at a wedding in the first place.

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